Hipnoterapija na daljavo

Hypnotherapy, which is the path to ourselves, to the essence of our being, and to that unique individuality characteristic of each of us, can also be performed remotely.

We recommend that the first session of hypnotherapy is made in-person between the hypnotherapist and the client. Further therapies can be then performed remotely. There must be good energy between the client and the hypnotherapist as trust is crucial in hypnosis.

In case the first contact cannot be made in person, remote hypnotherapy can still be done at the request of the user. The client of hypnosis must trust the hypnotherapist, because the problems that are being solved in hypnotherapy are solved in the area in which they arose, that is, in the unconscious part of the client’s mind.

An experienced hypnotherapist can much more easily and quickly detect the client’s problem. Online therapy can be done in several ways. The method, date, and time of therapy are determined in advance by the hypnotherapist and the client.