If you have relationship problems, fears, phobias, chronic illnesses, etc. the causes of which are unknown, their cause may lie in the energy of your past lives.

Regression is a process in which a hypnotherapist uses the hypnotic state (Theta brain waves), leads an individual to memories of their childhood or past lives that they do not remember on a conscious level.

Past lives of individuals do not necessarily occur on this planet. People describe their past lives in their own words, including information on where, when and in what way they lived them. There may be more than one past life.

Regression into past lives allows healing in the present through past experiences.

In the process of regression, people can recognise and become aware of and release the emotions and energies that limit them in their present life, as these are related to past lives.

In recent times, the discovery of past lives has become quite a “trend”.

Regression therapy into past lives works on the principle of cause and effect, as well as the assumption that responses to problems in the present are located in the past.

A trained hypnotherapist takes you back in time before your birth to discover the core of the problem you are facing at the present moment.

These include relationship problems, fears, chronic illnesses, etc.

This type of therapy can change your life.


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