It is never too late to correct our mistakes.

Harmful substances to the body are toxins that can make us addictive and before we know it, they are already our companions. Just like cancer, these toxins spread throughout our bodies and poison our organs. That is why you should say NO to smoking.

Odvajanje od kajenja s pomočjo hipnoterapije

When you consciously decide that smoking is bad for you and truly want to stop smoking, we are here to help you. If there is a will, there is power.

Quitting smoking for the sake of others is not going to be effective in therapy. So only when you truly wish to stop smoking for your health and well-being you should give us a call and we will help you make the transition much easier.

Odvajanje od kajenja s pomočjo hipnoterapije

How many therapies are needed depends on each person, in many cases, this can be achieved after the first or second session. The results will be noticeable in the first three months.

It is recommended to have one last therapy after six months to renew and deepen the process so that the client doesn’t give in the old habits.