The environment that each of us lives in has given us a mark. Collective rules, beliefs, and customs shape our world. They don’t necessarily give us a sense of happiness, but we have to bow to them anyway because the environment expects us to do so.

Education, employment, marriage, children, etc.

Have you ever wondered how your beliefs and habits shape you?

Do you know and are you able to recognize the “nonsense” that is being imposed on you through external social factors?

It’s up to you to choose what you want to believe about yourself and your life. It’s up to you to choose what you want to do with your life. It is up to you to decide whether to submit to your surroundings or to live your dreams.

The nonsense is that you have to have a degree if you want to succeed. You can succeed freely without a degree. A diploma is just a means through which we can climb the employment ladder of a certain professional field, etc. Because of such and similar nonsense, you stay true to your habits and limit your growth and creativity.

Belonging to one religion (Religions were formed in the distant past, they were intervened by man to adapt them for the benefit of a particular community), so you can adapt or update them yourself. God is in you and only you give him power. Belief in the good of people and humanity cannot be subjugated or conditioned. When we subjugate or condition faith, it is no longer faith.

Spoznavanje miselnih vzorcev tečaj

Below is a quick test to see where and how much of your life needs improvement. You can rate each category from 1 to 10 based on how satisfied you are with it.

From 1 to 10 rate your:

  • Family life
  • Raising children
  • Social life
  • Financial life
  • Medical and physical fitness
  • Business life
  • Emotional life
  • Spiritual life
  • Love life
  • Intellectual life
  • Your significance
  • Life goals

From your answers, I’m sure you know how to figure out where and in what area of ​​your life you must change your thought patterns.

If you notice that you are struggling to change with one aspect of your life try to find a different way to change it.
At the event The Power of our Thoughts, we will focus on identifying the wrong thought patterns that most often limit people in achieving their goals.

Changing thought patterns is a process in which you allow yourself to free yourself from the frameworks that limit you and persuade you to achieve goals.

What you do in your daily life, from how you deal with problems, how you build relationships, raise children, make friends, etc., tells a lot about the way you are thinking of life. Maybe you’re struggling with old beliefs that are no longer necessary and common so it’s time to renew them yourself.

Habits are iron shirts and if they limit us in achieving our goals, we need to change them. Habits are the result of our thoughts and raising, and that can be changed through a variety of techniques. One of the techniques is meditation based on thinking about your life, your mind, your desires, and your mission.

The fastest and easiest way to change thought patterns is with the help of hypnotherapy, where the hypnotherapist takes you through a hypnotic state to your subconscious. The cause for all your struggles is hidden in your subconscious mind which sometimes one cannot remember on a conscious level, but can become aware of it with the help of a subconsciousness.

Autogenic training, self-hypnosis, meditation, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, all these are techniques by which you can change your thoughts to support and better serve you in life. At our lectures and workshops, we will cover meditation and hypnotherapy in more detail.