Upbringing is one of the most important processes that affects our lives and the lives of our children. It is a very critical area to pay attention to, both within the family as well as the broader social environment. One’s parents and the environment often come equipped with certain instructions on how to live life, but the example of ourselves and our environment is the one that the child’s soul remembers the most. Whenever we give instructions for life, it is necessary to ask ourselves the following: Why are we giving them and who will benefit from these instructions?

Rapid changes in orientations, views, priorities and ways of life in communities around the world require quick responses and adaptations of individuals, which is why it is very important that families, educational institutions and the state follow trends that bring positive results to our lives and that of humanity as a whole. Developing critical thinking has become a necessity that is being abandoned in the world, because people are becoming followers of specific social elites, even up to a level of addiction. Self-confidence is crucial in ensuring the successful and full life of our descendants. We need to be aware that we must educate our younger generations in the spirit of critical thinking, tolerance and cooperation, in the spirit of humanitarianism, and in the awareness that our descendants know who they are, what to expect from life, how to set and achieve their life and everyday goals, and how to successfully build a community of tolerance and coexistence of different nationalities, races and cultures in harmony with nature and our surroundings.