Hipnoterapija - pritegnimo obilje


We have a fundamental right to be wealthy. We came here to live in abundance, enjoy freedom and happiness. Therefore, we should have enough money we need for a full, happy, and successful life.

We are here to grow, to expand and develop spiritually as well as to learn the material aspect of life. We are here to enjoy. We must be able to surround ourselves with people who make us happy and get financial freedom and all the luxury we want. Why would we be content to have just enough to get along? Don’t let anyone arouse your doubts or shame because of your desire for wealth. On the deepest level, there is a desire for a fuller, happier, more wonderful life.

Money is a symbol of exchange. For us, it is not only a symbol of liberation, but also it means beauty, sophistication, abundance, and luxury. At the same time, it is a symbol of the economic health of the nation.

When blood flows freely throughout our bodies, we are healthy. When money circulates freely in our life, we are economically healthy. When people are accumulating money, and filling it with fear, that fear will overdrive their ability to make and gain more money. As a symbol, money has taken many forms over the centuries. Almost anything you can think of, served at one time and place in history the same way as money does today – gold, silver, salt, corrades, pendants, sheep, etc… We now use currency and other gadgets that can be negotiable.


Creating financial abundance with the help of hypnosis.

Anyone who makes the effort to become acquainted with the laws of the mind believes and knows for sure that he will never find himself in financial lack. Regardless of economic crises, stock market fluctuations, recessions, strikes, or even war, they will always be more than sufficiently supplied. Our thoughts and thinking are a reflection of our life and we must take care of them. Sometimes people are born in a family with financial lack but they changed their world by changing the patterns that were brought onto them and by changing their approach and thoughts about money. The reason for this is that this person passed on the idea of wealth to his subconscious mind. The person is mentally convinced that money circulates freely in his/her life forever and that he/she will always have a wonderful surplus available. If the world would be dealing with financial collapse, all his/her property would be left with no value, yet that person will still be attracting wealth. He/She will overcome crisis much easier and will find a way back to stability.