In cases where clients are suppressing their emotions with food, hypnotherapy has a very high success rate decreasing their appetite. Many people tend to overeat and reach out for more and more unhealthy food in times of distress, fear, jealousy, boredom, etc.

Hujšanje s pomočjo hipnoterapije

Excessive overeating, poor food, and unevenly distributed meals are the reason why people are gaining weight (in some cases the causes can be medical).

With the help of hypnotherapy, we primarily determine the cause and event in your life that is emotionally associated with food. The event that made you turn to food in times of distress, fear, etc.

When the cause is removed and changed through hypnosis, a hypnotherapist will then be working on bringing the client closer to eating a healthy diet, living a healthier life while primarily working on reducing his/her appetite.

After the therapies needed the client will unconsciously be choosing healthier food in his-her daily life, smaller portions while his previous habits will be changed and the craving for bad food choices will be lower. In some cases, the client will also completely change their eating rhythm.

How many therapies are needed depends on each person, sometimes this can be achieved after the first or second session.

The results will be noticeable in the first three months and after that, it is recommended to have one last session of therapy to renew and deepen the process with the client so that it doesn’t go back to old habits.